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Women and dating apps?

I've seen a lot of single mothers on dating apps looking for a beta provider. If and that's a big IF they find one they keep fucking the alpha male on the side.
What makes them think that having an alpha fuck for fun and beta bucks for income is a good life choice? It won't give you the satisfaction you desire.

The alphas will only ever pump and dump. The betas may fall for you if you're decent looking and not bitchy.

A lot of women hit the wall hard and they only realise when it's too late they already had a good man but rejected him when they were younger.

We men have become wise to the marriage scam. Why do women bother posting on dating apps? The only guys you'll find on there are the Chads and Tyrones.

The type of men you women are looking for don't even use dating apps. So I want to know do you like wasting time?
Women and dating apps?
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