I have confused feelings?

I made friends with this guy when we were in senior high school, were were very close for two years but within those two years he told me he liked me , and to be honest I had been waiting for those words for a long time but I rejected him I didn't regret, it took a while before he told me he gave up on liking me so. we stayed friend and would talk on the phone on weekends for hours because he was living far away.

We did this for half a year but then he told me he would stop calling me because in truth he still had feelings for me, because of my deep depression it felt like he had tossed me aside because we had different fillings for each other. He said he wanted to distance himself because he had become too interested in me and didn't want to be obsessed , I took it too hard because he was practically the only friend I had and to be told that we can't talk like we used to... I can't even talk to him right now because it hurts.

But he still inteds to be my backer as a good friend except we won't be talking as much anymore. I don't know what to do. I am not sure if I like him , because I was too sheltered I'm not sure what like and love is.
I have confused feelings?
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