I'm getting ready to ask my former roommate out on a date. How should I approach this?

I'm getting ready to ask my former roommate out on a date (or anything just as long as it's something together), and I really need some advice on how to approach it.

So far, we've been living apart for about 10 days now. He was really itching to get out the prior living situation, as he'd been roommates with the three others we lived with for several years and he was looking for a change. I personally had only been living with them for about eight months before we moved. I started having feelings for him a few months in, but I made it a point to wait until we were no longer roommates to avoid any unpleasantness.

So now I'm thinking I'm in the clear to ask, but I'm still trying to figure out if it's a good idea. Part of me doesn't care I'm going to at least try - he's such a good guy and it'd be an absolute shame if I didn't - but that doesn't stop me from really getting nervous about making the first move.

First and foremost, I don't know if he's even remotely interested. Unless a guy is being really obvious about it, I have a really hard time noticing the subtle signs. He certainly doesn't shy away from me, and is very warm when I'm around, but if he's interested, I really don't know what I should be paying attention for. The closest I think I've gotten to a hint in a while was last weekend when I was hanging out with him and another one of my old roommates. They got on the topic of how they would bang the various club chick we were passing on the way to the bus stop. Both of them were being really blunt with the "guy" talk and my crush even asked me if they were making me uncomfortable, but it was almost as if he was either picking up on my inability to join the conversation or the fact I went dead quiet when they started talking about the girls. I don't know if I should take his very random focus on the girls as a sign that he has no interest in me, or if he's starting to goat me on to making the first move. (And for the record: if I was that uncomfortable with "guy" talk, I would have gone crazy months ago - I was the only chick in a house full of guys for eight months.)

Either way, as I said, I really need to ask him. I don't know if I should give it another couple of weeks (it is so soon after this move), hang out with him a bit more on a friend basis, or just come out with it. I've even toyed with and written a love letter of sorts because I'm so afraid I'm going to mess up what I want to say to him.

Any ideas on what my next steps should be?


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  • He just seems like the nice type who actualy cares about women instead of seeing them as sex objects, that's y he's not bluntly hitting on you, well that or he's afraid of hurting the freindship, I say go for it.


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