My childhood boyfriend kissed me?

I was at a party with my best friend, I was nagging about some sh*t, then she kissed me and touched my penis. The problem is that this girl is like a sister to me, we've been together since the 2nd grade. I didn't want to embarrass her so I pretend nothing ever happened, am I doing the right thing? Or should I confront her?

f***, I wrote B-F (best friend) not boyfriend


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  • Just pretend it didn't happen. It's a party, whatever. If she brings it up explain where she stands with you then. If something ever comes up in conversation then say, "You'd make a great sister." Girls are very intuitive, and saying something like that will make her back off the idea.

  • not confront her, just make it easy on her to get acess to you...

    you don wanna scare her away


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