Is there a difference between dating and courting?

Would you say there is a difference in these two processes or are they more or less the same? thanks


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  • Dating can be a part of the courting process but you can date without courting.

    Courting would be the process of dating someone in hopes of marriage. Dating itself is just the act of going on dates and some people date just to date, not with any interest in a relationship or marriage.

    I can see that people probably try to update the term courting to mean just the dating process since people rarely date thinking they are going to find the person they are going to marry as much as to find someone they can be in a relationship with. The term courting comes from a time when living together outside of marriage was not done and getting married was seen as a natural goal of dating. So, for me, I still see courting as dating with the intention of marriage.


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  • I think they are pretty much the same thing, but my grandmother says dating is what you do for fun, but ''courting'' is when you are looking for a potential marital suitor... But like I said, I think they are the same.

    • ahh that's what I thought but I heard a few people tell me otherwise and I was confused! :-/

  • I would say the courting stages is when you're "pre-dating," just flirting and starting to get a feel for one another, trying to win her affection.

    Dating is when you're going out pretty frequently, having fun, and you already know you like each other. You're trying to see where things go but keeping things light.

    • ahh OK I can see that thanks

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    • I mean that makes sense though. "Dating" is obviously dating lol. Courting can be exactly like to you said. Getting to know someone, seeing if things will work

    • Haha that's what I thought.

  • Its the same thing, but dating is not what it used to be or what it should be. Guys and girls are in it for the wrong reasons nowadays so yeah they are the same but people don't court like they use to. Dating is meant for courting but that has changed tremendously.


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