Based on this, what do you think his intentions are?

1. He asked me to go on a weekend trip with him for a couple of days, which I did and he brought up having sex (which we didn’t though).

2. I later texted him asking about whether he thinks it’s ethical to date multiple people in the beginning. He said he has been on 3-4 dates with a girl who was 22 (so not me because I’m older). This led me to believe that he was hinting that he wasn’t interested in me.

3. I later saw him at a party where I caught him looking at me multiple times but also talking to other girls. There were also tons of guys there talking to me, if that feels relevant at all, although he was the one I was interested in.

4. The next day I texted him and said I was sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with the most handsome guy at the party. He said oh but there were so many good guys there though. I said are you saying that I shouldn’t find you attractive?
He then told me he was flattered and that he actually had a dream the night before that we were on a romantic date.

5. what do you think his intentions are?
Based on this, what do you think his intentions are?
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