Girls: would you find a way to go on dates, even though you're busy?

so went out with a girl 4 times all have gone really good, a lot of texting in between to. she seems really interested and was very available the first 2 weeks, even after our last date (which was a week ago)she seemed really interested the next couple days, but lately she has been really busy with school and work (apparently) and interest levels have seem to have gone down pretty drastically with texting, I'm seeing her again this Friday, but idk. so pretty much does this seem like she's just losing interest or does this actually happen, where school and sh*t just really takes a lot out of ya?


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  • Uh yeah, school and work can get pretty intense. I'm in college and work part-time so time is limited for me. However, when it comes to dates I try to make time. If she doesn't make attempts pencil you in then she might be losing interest.


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