I need advice on what to do?

I finally decided to jump on a dating app for the first time and matched with a lot of guys. Well one of them really seemed to click with me and he asked for my snap that same day and I gave it to him. That night we ended up talking for 4 hours on the phone but we were both extremely tired and I ended up sharing WAY too much about my insecurities with dating and kinda self sabotaged like I always do. He was really respectful and nice but I think i screwed it up because he really slowed down on messaging me and his replies are super short. He asked me out but we didn't set a date because my schedule has been so busy but I ended up getting time off tomorrow. Would it be weird if I asked hin if he'd be interested in hanging tomorrow? Or should I just not bother because I'm convinced I scared him away. I apologized too about sharing as much as I did. I just can't think straight when I'm exhausted and said some really stupid stuff. Advice?
I need advice on what to do?
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