He invaded my privacy?

Just met and started seeing a guy 2 weeks ago. A few days in he asked to see my text messages... he went through my texts, contacts and my personal work messages. I have nothing to hide but its almost like he is looking for any reason not to trust me. I didn't go through his phone (I don't even want to) I feel extremely violated and disrespected. He says "he has to know everything" in a relationship. He also told me I can't text other guys or pretty much do anything without him. I like to smoke weed sometimes to relax and help with my anxiety and he said he will not stand for it, yet its fine for him to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes everyday (I hate cigarettes). We haven't even decided to be official yet. Our sexual chemistry is off the charts but he is coming off as extremely controlling and displaying jealous crazy behaviors very early on. I'm a very busy girl I go to school and run my business I explained to him I can't see him everyday but I can set aside time for him if we plan in advance. He gets very upset if I go more than 4 hours without texting him saying I just disappear and therefore he must not matter to me. He said he needs to see me everyday or "he is not a priority" in my life. I have never felt more confused in my life. Should I just cut it off and stop seeing him? He is a sweet guy I would be willing to work on it with him but he clearly has trust issues and is very insecure I just don't know if I can.
He invaded my privacy?
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