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He (23M) doesn't want to officially date me (22F) just yet?

We met on a dating app in early March (2020) and went on a date that went great. I had to leave town and don't live that close him so two weeks later we went on a second date. Unfortunately, quarantine started before we could spend more time together but we were texting each other all day every day during the whole thing. It wasn't until June that we saw each other a third time and went on our fourth date in September. A few days ago (September) I had the "what are we talk" and didn't get the answer I was hoping for. He said that he is definitely open to dating me but it was important to him that we spend more time together before he's ready to decide that he wants to be official. This hurt me because we have been constantly talking for six months, but at the same time I do understand where he was coming from. He did reassure me that he's not talking to other girls and that he was cheated on twice and that's why he wants to make sure he's sure about dating me before we get too serious. We haven't been intimate yet and I told him I wouldn't do anything unless I'm in a committed relationship and he was fine with that. I like him a lot and I am open to going on more dates but a part of me is wondering why he won't commit just yet. His feelings are valid because he does have trust issues and we have been on only four dates but I'm still cautious about him not wanting to be exclusive just yet and wonder if he's stringing me along. Do you think he has a fair point or do think he's keeping his options open or doesn't like me enough to commit? Thank you in advance for your help! TL;DR: He needs to go on more dates to be exclusive
He (23M) doesn't want to officially date me (22F) just yet?
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