like the guy and I have feelings for him, but I don't know how to act around him. Don't know what to do?

Ill try to sum this up as much as possible...

My good friend of 6 years was dating this guy for 4 years, I knew the guy since I was young we were never really friends. While they were dating, of course we all hung out and him and I became pretty good friends as well. She ended up cheating on him numerous times and since he was my friend as well, I felt the need to tell him, so I did. Their relationship became pretty rocky but they stayed together. In the meantime she was purposely not taking her birth control and ended up getting pregnant with his kid which is something she knew he wasn't ready for. While all of this was going on, he would call/text/email me and vent and ask for advice and it was whatever. One night a few months after she found out she was pregnant, him and I ended up up at a party together and we ended up sleeping together. We both agreed to keep it a secret and it would never happen again. They ended up breaking up and now only communicate when it comes to the child however him and I have continued to hang out, and when I say that I together and have sex. Well he keeps asking me to just hang out, come over and watch movies which would be fun but honestly I don't think him and I have ever hung out, just the two of us, sober. I keep avoiding it. I, I fear it would maybe be awkward but at the same time I know if we continue to just like the guy and yes I have feelings for him but I don't know how to act around him t hangout when were both drinking the relationship/friendship will never become anything more...yes this is confusing but if anyone out there reading this can relate or offer any good advice I would greatly appreciate it...thank you


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  • It probably won't be awkward as you have already went pretty far with him, but what happened to your good friend of six years,

    • her and I are still friends, she knows that him and I talk and hang out, she doesn't know we've slept together though.

    • from what happened to their relationship before due to him finding out about her cheating, it may not be a good idea to tell her about what happened as that could possibly happen to your friendship, maybe leaving it a while longer until any new relationship comes from the situation you had could possibly be the best idea,