What do u think? Meant to be?

So ever since 2018, I’ve had this one guy on snap who’s a grade ahead of me. We’ve always been best friends on snap and talked and kept up with eZch other. Ever since then we’ve hung out multiple times and even hooked up too. The most recent time being earlier this month. We’re super touchy and lovey when we’re with each other and flirt , but we don’t see each orher much. I think he could be unavailable right now and also because we don’t really put in THAT much effort to see each other a lot. My friend was saying how she thinks we will end up together later or that this has meaninf behind it. I know it sounds stupid for teenagers lol but we’ve never like hung out and talked and then called it quits, like most teenagers do. So my QUESTION is- DO U THINK THERE IS ANY CHANCE WE COULD END UP TOGETHER LATER? OR WHY HAVE WE NOT LEFT EACH OTHER YET. ? Add on: with any other guy, I’ve hung out or hooked up and talked with them for a while, but not dated and just ended up not speaking anymore. But for some reason that’s not what has happened with this.
What do u think? Meant to be?
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