Relationship confusion?

Okay, so there's a guy. He loves me. When he proposed, I was going through a bad breakup so I didn't accept. Instead we agreed to go on open relationship and it's going pretty well. but even now the guy has not moved on and he still confesses to me that he still loves me and his feelings are growing stronger day by day and I kind of like the guy it can be a crush or attraction I am not sure but definitely not love. So the problem arises is even if I love the guy and accept this proposal their family will not accept me as family won't accept me a completely different and he is so confused and scared of going against his family and their will I am not sure he will stand up and fight for the love. I'm not sure what to do now just continue with the open relationship or not confess my feelings even if I fall in love with him or just confess or have a clear communication just guide me on this. Thank you for hearing me out.
Relationship confusion?
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