Would you date an independent girl who wants to take care of herself?

would you date a girl who's:

not very romantic in a tradiotional way (no flowers or cheesy compliments or awkward dinner dates etc)

Is artistic and treasures creativity above anything

Does not ever want to get married

Is independent and needs space. Will always put her dreams first

Would you rather want someone who you can take care of?


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  • I don't know maybe,

    Depends on the kind of man you want, most career girls go for the stay at home dad kind of guy because it's less stressful for them and it balances work and family.

    Do you want a manly man or a sensitive guy?

    Do you want a traditional guy who's the head of the house or a guy that wants you to be the head of the household?

    Do you want a working guy or a househusband?

    Even If your not romantic if your guy was, would you do little things for him?

    What's your stance on kids?

    Would you marriage if the guy wanted you to carry on with your dream?

    Me personally I'm the sensitive type and I want to marry and have kids young not when I'm 30. If I get to 30 and don't have a girlfriend or children then I will have to give up on the idea get a vasectomy and accept that I will be single for the rest of my life. I want a career girl who's gonna be the head of the house while I do the househusband thing of looking after the house, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids. I do web design so working at an office or at home is something that I can do. I'd hope she is romantic and very skinship. If she only cares about herself in the relationship then I wouldn't want to be with her.


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  • What would I be getting from the dating/relationship? Brief meetings, sex? To be honest you sound like a dream, ideal, more of you should exist! Your only problem is that if a guy becomes attatched to you... he'll get hurt. You'd HAVE TO lay down the laws before anyone dated you. At least you've covered yourself if he does start getting complaincent about your lack of wanting affection etc.

    What you've described there is PERFECT for dating, PERFECT. Your problem is finding lads who want the same or are willing to accept your ways.

  • "Is independent and needs space. Will always put her dreams first"

    no. why does she even want a boyfriend if she cares about herself more?

    • well said !

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    • My dream IS to have a relationship. It couldn't be messed up by getting in a relationship. Not to mention, I don't want to date people who expect the relationship to end.

    • Well, people are different. I could never be with anyone who's main goal in life is to fall in love an get married. Not criticizing, just saying people want different things.

  • I love independent girls who don't feel they need their boyfriend to feel safe and secure, lead all the time

  • I would not date such a girl, sounds like a pain. Not about the independent part, I expect a degree of independence from my partners. But the girl you descrive does not sound independent, sounds egocentric instead.

    • I probably can accept a girl like this for a sex-only relationship or things like that. But she is definitely not relationship material for me. Not a chance.

  • I am glad to hear you don't want to marry, etc. Chances are you won't have kids if you think this way. that's a great thing, so those feministe genes don't spread around.


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  • Wow, and I thought I was too independent.

    I hate to tell people that they need to change you they are, so I won't. But the only way you will get an actual boyfriend with this mentality is if he is the same way and somehow it manages to last for long term. To be honest, it really doesn't sound like you need a man anyway and that isn't a bad thing at all.

    I am an independent person because I have had to be in order to survive, but every time life gets hard what gets me through it is remembering that someday I will have someone to go through life with. Earlier this year, I briefly had a very complicated sort of relationship with a guy. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was close to having this. He offered me emotional support when I needed it, which no one has ever done for me. Sadly for me, it didn't work out. But consider yourself lucky if that isn't something you feel the need for because apparently finding it is pretty hard.