Hangout into a date maybe?

Hey y'all,
So I mustered up to tell the girl I like that I like her and wanna go out after our final exams.

She said that she'll go with me (to a restaurant) but only as friends.

She reassured me that "it isn't me, it's her" and all that, I think she's just trying not to make me feel bad about the rejection. And that she wasn't looking for romantic relationships

As I asked her where to today, she reassured me that this is just an outing of friends. and that she's totally cool with hanging out but not a date.

Do you y'all think I even have a chance with her? I don't want to be pushy since she's the nicest person I've ever met!

tl;dr should i ask her out to a date even tho she said we were just friends?
Hangout into a date maybe?
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