Why is this girl so insistent on her friend hanging out with us?

I'm friends with this girl that I have a huge crush on

There's been a lot of drama between us before. I asked her out at a really bad time and we didn't talk for a few months because she was dating someone else. We started talking again when they split up and we're pretty much back to normal

We just hung out for the first time in months a few days ago. I asked her to hang out and she was like "ok but I've got this new friend I want you to meet. She's really fun and I'm sure you'd enjoy her."

Since she said we were going ot the park, I thought she was trying to hook me up but she wasn't. It went well, we all had fun, and I asked her to a concert this weekend. She is gonna be busy cause she's planning for a trip but she said that we could all hang out again when she comes back and that she'd need to see when the other girl is free

I'm trying to get it just us two like we used to so I don't see why she keeps on having her friend try to hang out with us too...


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  • Shes fresh out of a relationship, maybe she's tryna send a message out here? It could be that she's not ready to jump into another right now. Its easy to avoid awkwardness with a friend around, and since you said you had previous drama, that could be what she's trying to do, set a boundary. Give it some time and space, and things will be superrrr.

    • They split up like three and a half months ago...

    • it could still be too early, depending on how long they went out for.. how long?

    • like four or five months

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