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Guy asks me to text him on first date?

Things generally went really well. We were both funny and had a good laugh. I was generally funny, confident, and was well presented.
The guy complimented my nails, was a little reserved + was fidgeting. ( I got the vibe that he was a little intimidated/ awkward even though he had no reason to be. He’s very popular and people came by and said hi)
He also did something weird, which was that he said that I had small teeth, and that bigger and sharper teeth looked better on women (didn't get why he would say that when my teeth are very well aligned and at normal level) + at the end he asked me to text him later and blew a kiss in the air. What does that generally mean? And should I text him and make the first move?
If yes, what is a good template for a text?
Guy asks me to text him on first date?
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