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Is it Materialistic or Knowing your worth?

Im sure you’ve heard about the birkin bag comment the rapper Saweetie made saying if a guy doesn’t buy you a birkin bag or pay your bills then leave him?

and i’m sure you guys know birkin bags cost BIG MONEY haha

My questions is what’s so wrong with wanting a guy to provide? It seems like every time the topic of a female wanting to be spoiled people are quick to say they’re materialistic/gold diggers and shouldn’t be dependent on men... when really it’s just knowing your worth and not settling for less. In order to eat at the table you have to bring something to it right?

There are SOME men out there that want their physical needs met often just for doing the bare minimum and still want a women to cook, clean & be sexy 24/7 while watching the kids but will complain about $100 dates if she ask for it so what’s so wrong about women asking for a bag, a bill paid or whatever their desire is in return?

I feel like a lot of women standards are on the floor when it comes men these days and men are becoming more and more lazy when providing for their lady. I get that SOME women don’t like materialistic stuff but don’t act like you don’t enjoy vacations, fancy dates, surprise spa/nail days or something else special from your significant other to remind you of how good you’ve been to them. I’m not saying they HAVE to buy you the entire mall or a car but that person knew your worth before they approached you and to say you don’t need anything in return to know your worth just gives men more of a reason to be lazy bare minimum lovers
Is it Materialistic or Knowing your worth?
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