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Is dating a co-worker or boss a bad idea?

My co worker who is also essentially my boss has asked me out on a date. I am a bit concerned as my company policy is against dating in the workplace. We both have very professional jobs. I do kind of like him and vice versa.. does anybody have any experience of this and is this a bad idea? I’m also unsure of the repercussions at work because of this.
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Thank you for the responses! All were great. Some very funny. Lol.
To update this thread, I am a legal secretary so yes, I understand the repercussions.
I would like to think I’m pretty discreet so I would intend to keep it this way.
If it did go south, I personally would not let it effect my work and I think vice versa for him.
I’m good at my job, so I don’t think there is any risk of losing it, unless of course this got out to higher peers.
Anyway, thanks for the love on this post!
Is dating a co-worker or boss a bad idea?
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