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What are we & what are we doing?

Hey everyone so I’ve been dating this guy for almost 3 months now. We recently had the talk about what we are and such and he told me that he likes me and wants to go with the flow of things but that he doesn’t want put a label on it yet. He said he wants to continue hanging out , going out , etc etc and that he’s interested in me and has feelings for me and wants to go with the flow. What kind of bothered me was that he said he can talk to whoever he wants but that the one he’s talking to and investing his time in a lot is me.. irk and he didn’t mention that he was in a 8 year relationship and hasn’t been in a relationship for sometime since. He likes where we are going and likes me. Should I stay or go? I don’t really know what happened in his previous relationship but looks like his “friend” got with her and now had a child together.. i do want to stay and continue going with the flow of things. We are having so much fun and I don’t mean sexually cause that isn’t the case but we are enjoying each other’s company..
What are we & what are we doing?
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