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Does putting a “Label on it “ matter?

Hi all ! So I’ve been dating someone for 2 months. So far we have been having so much fun going out and about , going on dates , etc etc. We both are interested in one another and have been spending a lot of time together. Long story short at the moment he said he wants to continue doing what we doing , he likes me there’s feelings but that he doesn’t want to out a label on it at the moment. He’s been single for a year since he got out a really long relationship. He hasn’t said much but seems like he got betrayed and cheated on. Maybe he’s scared to put a label on it cause he thinks I’ll do the same? But anyways do I continue seeing him and let it all fall into place? Or just leave? . I really like him too and I do want to go with the flow of things and I don’t think we have to put a label on what we have. We mutually like each other , and care for each other and doesn’t have to be all sex between us it’s been fun.
Does putting a “Label on it “ matter?
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