Prom - more enjoyable with a date or with a group of friends?

My friend has been bugging me lately because she's concerned that she won't have anybody to go to grad with - we're still in grade 11, but that is beside the point.

My question is for those of you who have gone to your prom or grad dance or whatever you want to call it: would you recommend going with friends or with a date (if you don't already have a s.o.)?

I think I would enjoy myself a lot more going with friends, so I was just curious as to everyone else's prior experiences.


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  • I've been to tons of normal dances with friends and had a great time bit prom is really different. I went with a date and it was a ton more fun. Prom is a more personal and fancy affair so it is more fun with a date. Anyways you're marked as dateless with no corsage, it makes others feel kinda bad especially during slow songs. But go with friends rather than having a sucky date, its always lane when drama goes down at the dance. Overall it's personal preference. I have some friends who chose to go in a huge group and didn't even try to get dates because they wanted to have fun. I would say get a date who is a good friend so it's not awkward or go with a group of friends. It's up to you to make the most of your prom and have a blast no matter who you go with. Hope this helps!


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  • It's fun going with friends. Although, I went with two ladies dressed as a pimp. That was really interesting...


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