Why would a girl "want to be friends" yet not want to hang out with you?

i know she wants to be friends, and likes me as a friend, but whenever I've asked her to hang out, she seems to always have an excuse. what's up with that? don't friends hang out together? :/

does she like me, does she know that I've been crushing on her? not wanting to hurt my feelings? even then, why avoid simply hanging out, its not like I'm gonna do anything to make her uncomfortable. it just seems like she's either scared in a good or bad way, idk.

she says she knows ima good guy too. so its like wtf lol


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  • She might be blowing you off, or want to be FRIENDLY but not close friends. Do you have a lot in common? Also if you have unrequited feelings for her, hanging around too much can give off the wrong idea.

    • I feel that at the end of the day there's a ton in common with us. I know her enough to at least know that.

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  • She problably likes you as a friend, but noticed that you have feelings for her.. So she doesn't want to meet you in person in case that encourage your feelings.

    • well at least I'm being clear enough with my intentions I suppose. I agree though, sucks! >.<

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  • She doesn't really want to be friends. She may want you available to lift heavy things or listen to her bitch about some man in her life, but she doesn't want to be a friend TO you.

    • i kinda get that impression. wow, is all I have to say. and to think that I like this chick... >.<

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    • right I agree. but is it a problem with me? her? am I just not her type or is she being rude and shallow?

    • It's just women, dude. There's nothing wrong with you. All you can be is yourself.