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Is bad teeth an absolute turn-off?

I'm chatting to a woman who lives abroad, and we are getting on very well. She's a friend of my friend, recently divorced, very attractive face and body, also a wifey-type. BUT she's missing all her top front teeth, and the bottom ones are brown. Honestly I can't wait to meet her, she sounds like she wants a relationship, which I would love to do too, but I would be in shame to appear publicly with her, due to her bad teeth. imagine a 10/10 look, but bad teeth. When we video chat, it's such a turn off for me, that I lose desire to be with her. But she is nice with her mouth closed. I really don't want to offend anyone with bad teeth, but what should I do? How should I slowly let her go? I also don't want to hurt her feelings.
Is bad teeth an absolute turn-off?
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