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Why am I cursed in love? Does anyone else feel this way?

I’m in my mid twenties and never had a relationship. I’ve never been attracted to a guy that liked me back, the only guys that go after me are not my type. I know I am not beautiful but I am not ugly either, I’ve seen far uglier people get a good looking partner. I use dating apps to meet people and I’ve tried almost all, free and paid ones. I just cannot find the right guy and when people say I will, I get frustrated because I know it will not happen for me. I’ve tried messaging guys on the apps myself but it doesn’t work out. And I shouldn’t settle for anyone because I’m “lonely”. I’ve been on dates but it never works out, most fairly attractive women I know get approached by guys. Is there something wrong with me? I don’t think I come across as desperate, I may seem too aloof at times in my opinion. The closest thing I had to a relationship was a fling with someone for a few months, being around him felt like settling.
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Why am I cursed in love? Does anyone else feel this way?
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