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How do I prevent myself from getting attached?

Hello, please don't judge me with this post... so I have a friend and we seem to connect a lot. To the point well... if we were in the same place in life, maybe I'd be interested in a serious relationship. A last, not the case. Anyway I will be moving sometime next year across country. In the meantime... its a little lonely out here. We talked and he was straight up honest with me that I'd probably end up hurt or attached if we went on dates, had a blast, and if I enjoyed the sex. I reminded him that he doesn't know that, ha! X____X (Enjoying the dates or sex. Rather cocky right? >.>)

I reminded him that I'm not going to be here very long. I told him that I would want a friendship and if we liked each other in that sense, a short term relationship. Regardless if we get physical I want us to always be friends and ofcourse we tell nobody.

It has been a great while since I've been intimate with anyone and I live alone out here. I like the idea of company, how ever short it maybe. I want to remind myself that my future is not him, nor I for him. How do I stay goal oriented, have fun, and not get attached? He's openly told me that he's going on a second date with some lady and I told him I'm hoping to spark something with an old crush on the opposite coast. So... I think its mutual understanding at this point.

I just need advice how not to grow fond of him past a friendship and even possibly physical relations.
How do I prevent myself from getting attached?
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