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Is my boyfriend controllin?

My boyfriend of 1 month, has 2 girlfriends who are both gay and he hangs out with them all the time and even told me that the main one he used to kiss and we’re gonna date but then never did because they were too close. at first he told me they were like 17 but then when we got into it because we were going to the mall and he asked me if they can tag along and I asked if it could be just us he said he already asked them. I said well fine I’m gonna ask someone to go with us too. He called me and started yelling telling me I can’t bring anyone. He kept claiming I don’t want anyone hanging out with us that I don’t fucking know and throughs a fit sounding like a child and telling me I was pissing him off. I said well you and your girlfriend have kissed before and shit and he’s changed his story and was like we were 4 or 5 when we kissed and we decided not to date because our friendship was too strong? That seems like a lie. Anyways we went to a haunted house with friends before and he hated it. Well I wanted to go again with some friends but he kept saying wait till I come over and we will go together. Well that day came and he made a million excuses as to why he didn’t wanna go. “ it’s too cold, I don’t like the flashing lights, it pisses me off, they aren’t suppose to touch you but they do, my cousin has a skin disease on top of cancer.” That one made me feel bad but it just seemed like a bunch of excuses. Well a couple days later and I was lining up some friends to go with me and he says no I will go with you. I said no you didn’t even wanna go and he said babe you know I wasn’t myself. He’s like if you go with a guy it’s gonna piss me off and all kinds of shit. when I’m too tired for sex he tells me to fuck off and then says he’s just joking about it and I should know that. And I’ll be driving around with my niece or just in general and he texts me “ don’t do anything that’s going to piss me off” I have more to say but it won’t let me type any more. Who/where texts
Is my boyfriend controllin?
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