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How do you feel about a relationship with a girl who is an ex-prostitute?

I met a girl some time ago. She's a wonderful girl. She knows how to cook and knows that a normal brutal man loves meat and pepper and not damn sushi. Can mend shirts. Patient and grateful. I feel stronger with her. And if a girl makes you stronger, it costs a lot. She's just amazing in bed. She fucks great. Tireless. Beautiful. Experienced in this matter. However, there is one nuance. Caveat. She worked in the field of escort services. Specifically for https://emerans. com/ Actually in connection with this questions. To the girls. Who had a similar experience. Prostitution or something like that. Have you talked about this to your men about your past. If not, why not? If so, why? How did your men treat you after that? One more question for the girls. An experience of this kind for a girl's psyche does not pass without a trace. This is true? I read in one magazine that it is deeply imprinted in the psyche. And that then, already in marriage, this happens. When a girl sees a new man, she has signs of sexual arousal. Moisturizing in the right place. Rise of the nipples. Etc. Consequently, the girl is physically ready for coitus with another. Girls with such experience please respond. It is very important for me. A question for the guys. Do you disdain your girlfriends after you find out that she is an ex-prostitute? How do you feel about such things? Do you trust your girlfriend?
How do you feel about a relationship with a girl who is an ex-prostitute?
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