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Did I ruin my chance?

I had a 2nd date with a guy Saturday after texting almost everyday since the last date a month ago. I had not initiated any of those texts. I thought date went well. He message me right after that night saying “have a good night, had fun. Hope you feel a lot better tomorrow”. (Have a cold). I texted him back in the morning saying “you should’ve stayed over “ and he responded saying “I know 😭 lol “ and I said “could’ve used morning cuddles”. Never heard back from him after that and still nothing. Did I scare him? I’m pretty sure he’s not looking for a relationship. We didn’t have the discussion but it took a lot to nail down a date to hang and he’s always traveling or going out with friends. I am recently divorced so not sure what I want but enjoyed hanging with him. Did I blow it and should I try reaching out to him again to see what happened?
Did I ruin my chance?
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