Why do guys not text back?

Went on a date with a guy from work so we already knew each other,he's very into me and always really flirty over texts.Says he wants to take care of me and be there for me but now I text him a few days ago about going out again and NO REPLY wtf! He's always the one texting me so when I take initiative I get no reply! Is he playing some stupid game?


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  • Define "into me". This guy sounds physically attracted to you but beyond that, who knows. Saying you want to take care of someone is not the same as actually doing it and you guys have barely gone on one date, so it is a bit soon to determine what he is looking for with you.

    Since you sent the text a few days ago, has he not sent you any texts back? You say he's always the one texting you, so if he not only did not reply to your text AND he is not sending his own, I would say that you still have a ways to go to really see what this guy is all about.

    I was told once that it can take around a year, maybe less, to really see what someone is all about. You need time to see the patterns someone has in how they treat you. It is about patterns, not one-off communications, that show you the truth. Also, a guy can say all he wants about his intentions but it is his actions you should look at. It is very easy when a guy is feeling very lusty for him to believe and say he wants to be there for you, but it is their actions that show what is really going on.

    Beyond that, if the guy is texting you but just did not respond to that one text, let it go. Wait for him to ask you out.


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  • WHaat? You mean he doesn't walk around with his cellphone grafted onto his hand to reply the millisecond someone texts him!?! It's entirely possible that he lost his phone, ran out of minutes, or yes maybe he is avoiding talking to you. You can't just jump to some horrible conclusion because he didn't text you once, give it some time. Try giving him a call if you're that concerned about it.

    • Nah I'm usually the one giving him space and not texting back every minute unlike him!That's why it's strange and I do think he may have been hit by a bus.Hehe (joking)

  • and have you worked with him over the past 4 days?

    • Nope..

    • Has ANYBODY confirmed he is still alive? Has not fled the country? Lost his phone?

      Wait here is an idea

      If you both have the type of cell phones that are able to make "voice" calls...you should try calling him..

      Both phones need to be equipped to do this, You just enter the other person's cellular computer code and then press talk and if he has the same feature his phone goes "ring" and he answers..

      CRaZy idea I know

    • Hahaa! I'm pretty sure he's still breathing. And yep I would call but I hate seeming needy so even though he knows I like him, calling him after being ignored for 2 days is a stretch too far for me! All I'm wondering is what makes him do this, I'm not a stuck up b***h but frankly I'm not used to being ignored by guys.

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  • He could be playing agmae or he may not be as interested as he thought he was. Sometimes ppl's feelings can change and time shows that. However, he could be playin hard to get. How you know? When he continues to do this when you iniate or if you don't really hear from him at all much, less and less then you know that he was just not that into it. It doesn't matter how it seemed like he was or what he was saying. You can never be sure how much a person likes you until time shows there true feelings. Busy? Bull. A guy can make time for a woman he is into if he wants too. This time: Don't call/text nothing until he shows you he is really interested.