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You think he's cheating, does this sounds fishy?

My husband is on probation for his third dwi. The first few months of probation, he told me he has to go do urine test, so he will have to call every day of the week, to see if his color gets called. If it does, he has to go in for a pee test. There was a week, his color got called, and he told me he's glad it got called in, so he will have to wait a while until they call hiscolor again. Well, this time, he's been going to take a urine test every 3-4 days a week. He used to was so annoyed everytime he has to go in. But this time, he giggles it off. Which everyrhing just sounds so fishy to me. He lost his license, he always take the bus there, and tell me to pick him up at a specific location. I have a feeling he could be cheatig on me. Or what do u think? I've talked to him and he gets mad.
You think he's cheating, does this sounds fishy?
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