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How to deal with that one obnoxious friend?

So, I'm dating this guy... lovely guy, lovely family, and lovely friends... for the most part.

He has this one friend that is super obnoxious - he's an attention seeker and gets jealous wherever the guy I'm dating talks to another friend (or me).
I tried to get to know him, thinking that I n might have a wrong picture of him - but no. That made it even worse. He only complains about other people, tells the same jokes and poorly imitates comedians because he can't come up with his own jokes.

And he figuratively threw me under the bus at least once. Or tried so, anyway.

He's literally the only person in my guy's social circle that I don't like and one of the most obnoxious people I've met in my entire life.

I spoke to my guy about it and he agreed that he is a handful, but at the same time, he feels sorry for him. (I used to feel sorry for him too, but not anymore.)

Any advice on how to deal with the situation?
I wouldn't want to give up on the guy I'm dating and I don't want to make him choose (though honestly, I wish he didn't feel so sorry for his mate as I think he's enabling him. That's just my opinion though.)
How to deal with that one obnoxious friend?
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