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Language and men experts, how should I interpret this message he sent?

We went on 7 dates but didn't have sex, we made out and were really attracted to each other but we said we wanted to wait.
backstory he was with a girl for 11 years and they broke up a few months ago. Im a bit more established than he is career and life wise. Im only 2 years older.
anyway This is the text he sent me cos he didn't text me for a few days , we used to text each other everyday. I guess my question is when he mentioned he was afraid and ashamed of disappointing me did he mean because he doesn't have a career or because he's breaking up with me?
“ Hey! I am so sorry I've been MIA. But i think i owe you an explanation. I've just been going through a lot of emotions right now that i still to this day find it hard to get my head around, especially to you. But before i tell you, i just want to let you know that this has absolutely nothing to do with my ex. Or anyone for that matter, but me and me only. I never really regret the things i do, but one thing i do regret is not chasing my career. And the reason i never chased it is because i chose love over a career which as you know didn't pan out the way i wanted. Why i hadn't been talking with you is because i was afraid and ashamed of disappointing you because i really do like you, i really felt like we had something, it just sucks that i have to let someone as nice as you down, it really does. Im so sorry, but i have to be selfish this time around.

Who knows, when i finish my masters we might continue where we left off”
Language and men experts, how should I interpret this message he sent?
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