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Boyfriend has his first gig and I'm extremely nervous?

My boyfriend just got into a band about 3 months ago and they play very well together. All their music is top notch, especially in comparison to today's music.

Now, he has his first gig on Saturday. It's at a festival. I have been to only one festival and I hated it the entire time. There were a lot of individuals that were super nice but there was an equal amount of people so fucked up off drugs, whom continuously approached me and said things that I didn't understand. Dealing with that for 2 hours had all but ruined my entire night and experience I had there.

His band is due to play on stage for 3 hours (with breaks obviously) but that means that for 3 hours I'm going to be standing in a crowd of people fucked up off drugs and in the freezing cold by myself because we dont know anyone else who is going.

How can I get over my anxiety about being left in a crowd of drugged out individuals?
Boyfriend has his first gig and I'm extremely nervous?
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