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Is he serious about me?

So this guy call him Mr. X and I were seeing each other in 2018 and then in 2019 for some time on off and I got into a relationship long distance one and broke up and he got to know in a different way like I sent him a " how well do you know me?" Quiz in which I wrote my BFs name and that I'm taken in 2020 July. He asked me if I'm single? I said no I'm in long distance that time and he said me how could I do that to him? And that he felt hurt and he felt bad and said it's ok and he felt too bad he told me. I felt horrible. And then I broke up with my long distance boyfriend and I told Mr X about why I broke up n all. That's it. After a month, he and I started dating again in 2020 October. I asked him our anniversary date that I forgot and he said that it don't matter to me but it mattered to him and I said no it does matter to me. And he is not telling me the anniversary of our very first meet's date.
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Is he serious about me?
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