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Will I ever find love?

I am a 36 year old autistic virgin. Will I ever find love or should I give up and embrace my despair? I have a job, a car, and a home; but i don't have what matters most to me a wife and kids. I've been looking for someone help me fulfill this dream for the last 6 years; but after spending hundreds of dollars on dating sites (and being scammed for almost a thousand) I have managed to go on two dates in my entire life.
You're doomed to loneliness.
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You can find someone but it will difficult.
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Maybe you're just too picky.
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Your approach is all wrong.
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You'll find someone just keep at it.
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Can I be that someone?
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I have no clue.
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I should also point out I work second shift. I tried getting a 1st shift position with my employer. But that went by the wayside with a lack of interest in dried blood spot testing for Covid-19.
Will I ever find love?
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