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Should I tell him I’m having doubts?

I’ve been dating this guys for 3,5 months now. It’s only been 3 weeks since he first told me he likes me. But he also said he still doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me. He told me he still wants to get to know me better and take things slow.
Im trying to be understanding of that but we’ve been spending so much time together already. Shouldn’t he know by now what he wants? I’ve been spending 4 days in a row at his place on average since day 1. I feel like you know me already. For example, last time we spend a week together. He was working at home and I was just there to support him since he was so stressed out.
But since he’s still unsure about us I can't help but be insecure. I’m starting to wonder wether I still want to continue seeing him. Do I want to be with someone who is still so unsure about me? Shouldn’t I be with someone that makes me confident about us and where we stand. The only thing I know is that he just likes hanging out with me. He doesn’t give me the feeling we’re moving forward. It’s like he is happy with how things are right now and doesn’t want to change it. But why should I act the role as the ‘perfect’ girlfriend that supports him and doesn’t want anything in return when I’m not even his girlfriend? I’m just tired of our situation and I’ve reached a point that I’m just crying everyday about how he doesn’t want to move forward or even talk about how he sees the future.
Should I tell him all of this? And what do you think about the situation I’m in.
I’m considering asking him if we can take a break so I can think about things. Maybe we’re just attached to each other after spending much time together and the feelings we have right now are not real. But I am scared that he will freak out and hold back even more if I’ll tell him how I feel.
Should I tell him I’m having doubts?
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