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What happened? after 5 months of dating he just disappeared?

I was with my man for 5 months, I met his friends and family and he had met mine, he was always asking to see me and kept telling me I was amazing, then nothing, he just stopped replying to me.
in the first week of him being gone I tried not to over contact him I sent a total of 3 texts in the week and given we used to talk daily I didn’t think it was too much, 2 of the messages basically said I hoped he was ok and the 3rd said again I hoped he was ok but I was a little confused as to why communication between us just stopped and if he was no longer interested in me then I would just really appreciate him just letting me know. Still no response.
I ended up feeling as though I had to ask for my house key back, so I saw him briefly to get it and he told me he was sorry he put me through this but he just hasn’t been in a good headspace recently, then he said he would call me the next day and we would have a proper conversation, he never called.
His friend then reached out to me asking what was happening as they had no idea what was going on, I just told them I hadn’t heard from him in a while so I wasn’t sure either, they told me that this isn’t like him.

Now I’m even more confused because he disappeared, hadn’t told his friends that it was over and was a bit hesitant to give me my house key back when I asked, I don’t actually know if he wanted things to be over or if he just needed some space, I do really like him and it has been now 2 weeks of no communication. Do I reach out to him to try and find out what happened? Or do I just leave it be?
I’m not going to chase him as I believe if he wanted to talk to me he would contact me but at the same time I’m not sure if there is something genuinely wrong and he is now scared to contact me as it might be awkward. Any advice would be appreciated.
What happened? after 5 months of dating he just disappeared?
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