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Recently been through a break up. She sais we can make a "pause"?

So we have recently broken up, she has been in my country for holiday and we basically dated for 4 months together, and now we have broken up after the 3rd month of being apart. She was constantly mentioning that she is really depressed and i understand but her main reason for depression was not having sex.
I understand that i caught a lot of feelings for her, i have never felt this wag with anyone, i can't say I've even seriously dated no more than 4 people. Never had a connection with anyone like this. In the end she lacks sex and pushes a break up and sais "maybe we can take a pause and hopefully continue in 2 or 3 years when we have a better chance of being together without being in diff countries. I am currently 22 and she was 21 by the way.

To me this feels kinda like an excuse, like if you really love them then you can last without sex. I've even offered to come to her country for 2 weeks, thats as long as i coukd get off work, she said no because it would harm her more than it woukd do good.
shouldn't a person who loves you meant to be even happy to see you for a day?

Any ways sorry for the long post. I just need advice. I do love her but it hurst me knowing the fact that the cause for the break up is sex. Im feeling down last couple of weeks, always thinking of her. Should i consider to try again in the future? Or shal i let it go and be happy i got this experience?
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Thank you for all the opinions, i will keep myself busy with my Uni and music so i can forget her faster, il take this as a lesson for life not to get attached to easily. LOVE YOU ALL
Recently been through a break up. She sais we can make a "pause"?
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