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Was this likely my period or my hymen breaking?

So I lost my virginity mid October and to be honest had a decent experience-no pain or bleeding whatsoever. Fast forward a week later and we had sex again however I noticed after this time I was bleeding. Initially I thought it was due to breaking my hymen even though it was my second time however the bleeding continued for about 4/5 days. I mean I’m not 100% how much bleeding you’d expect from a hymen breakage but this bleeding was pretty heavy for 5 days-enough to soak through several pads and tampons. Looking back however I’m wondering whether that was my period, yes it would’ve been a little early but nothing too outrageous (my periods are always irregular anyway) . Would you experience this much bleeding from breaking your hymen (especially weird given it was my second time so was probably already broken) or was it more likely to have been my period?
Was this likely my period or my hymen breaking?
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