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Should you consider what an abuse victim is going through before judging them?

My sister started to change when she started dating this guy. She stopped coming home. She stays at his house for days and when she does come home she’s quiet and stays in her room. We found out he has been abusing her both verbally and physically. She was laid off of work due to the pandemic and at first she was searching everyday for a new job. Getting up early and applying for new positions, now she no longer does that. She isn’t even passionate about her goals anymore. She had big plans for her future now it just seems nonexistent. Her drive towards her goals is gone. Recently, money on my dads credit card came up missing. He thought some stranger got into his account but after an investigation it turns out she took the money and sent it to this abusive guy she’s been dating. I know she only did it because of him because that isn’t something she would do on her own. He has some possessive control over her. My dad, though I can get why he would be upset, rather than talking to her he began to yell at her and tell her she’s dumb for choosing him over her family. Calling her a bum and saying she’s gonna end up dead and that it’s fine if she does because he has life insurance for her. He’s been asking for the money back but rather than asking for her to pay in payments since he knows she isn’t working and is only getting little unemployment he’s asking for it all at once and until she can give it to him, though he didn’t put her out, he has cut her off completely. When she is home when she isn’t with that guy, he treats her like a stranger. He’ll ask me if I want something back from the store or if I want food he’s going to pick up and completely ignore her. I get what she did was wrong but he doesn’t know what abuse victims deal with that cause them to change drastically like she did. She needs help.
Should you consider what an abuse victim is going through before judging them?
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