I can't keep him off my mind, do I still have any chance?

Even though I rarely see this guy, we talk online, and I can't get him off my mind.So my friend got sick of me talking about him so one day she asked him online if he thought I was cute, pretty, or hot and what his "type" was.She also told him he didn't have to answer at all if he didn't want to. So he ends up IMing her back and he says "I think she is pretty, but not really my type(I know that sounds lame) but usually I tend to date shorter girls with dark brown hair. I like her as a friend, there's a girl at my college that I like as a gf" I was really hurt by this cause I've always wished I was shorter(im 5'8) and skinnier(im pear shaped and have a really big ass)I also have light brown hair, or "dirty blonde" , but I've always wished for another color. All my friends tell me that I'm really pretty and I should just move on, but I keep coming back to this guy, like for real this is beyond crushing, I'm obsessed. So be honest.do I still have any chance with this guy?


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  • From what it seems like, I don't think you have a chance with this guy. I wish it could be different because I know how you are feeling. I have this major crush on this guy and he is all I can think about. I am still not sure if he feels the same way though, so I haven't been "crushed" yet.

    But, if the guy said that he does not like you the way that you like him, it will hard no doubt to do this, you have to move on. It's not healthy to be obsessed with a guy who will never feel the same way as you do for him. It's not good for the both of you because you don't want to keep feeling like this and you don't want to make him feel pressured.

    So, my advice to you is to stop thinking about this guy: do things you like, hang out with your friends, any hobbies?. anything to get your mind off of this guy. you never know, joining a new club or activity may even lead you to your real prince charming!

  • I think you can change his mind but its going to take time and you have to establish friendship with him. Right now he thinks he likes short girl with brown hair because he is crushing on that type of girls. If you show him loyal and respect and I'm pretty sure he is going to realize that he is stupid to not noticing you. But I think is not worth it because there are so many guys out there that you can have. I think you're obsessed with him and can't get him out of your mind because you guys talk to each other online so much and he acts like he is into you because he responding to your IMing or something. IF you don't talk to him much I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be so crazy over him. Nothing is impossible but what matter the most is how patient you are and how long are you going to wait for him.