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What does this message mean?

Oh yeah. Of course. Glad you’re doing well. Last time we talked, I think you thought I was pissed at you. I wanted to let you know, that I’ve never been mad at you, for supposedly not feeling the same way. I’ll never hate anyone! I had already decided you weren’t for me. I was just very confused and very hurt. Your actions confused me. I don’t have that much experience with guys, so hanging out with a guy alone, and him asking when to see me next, and flirting with me, made me feel like you were trying to peruse to me. But, I also felt like you were holding back because of your religion. It doesn’t matter to me now. I was just very confused and it was very painful back then. The things you did were what guys who liked me have done in the past. I felt like you played me, and with my emotions. Like, you were an undercover fuckboy. But, it’s ok! I’ve moved passed it!(: I’m glad you’re doing ok. How’s your family?”
What does this message mean?
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