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How long to wait till you kiss your boyfriend? Is it worth the cleansing?

I've been dating this guy for 4 months now, we met online over lockdown and I really like him... we are both religious and he even agreed that he wants to save himself to marriage... finally got to meet him in person the other week and we went for a socially distancing walk... he is super cute... problem is I kept having thoughts about him, he would joke about me being hot and one day seeing what's under my shirt and I kind of wouldn't mind that
Problem is I told my best friend this and she said that I shouldn't be thinking thoughts like that till I'm married... he dad is a vicor therefore would know about this stuff... she told me anytime I think like that I need cleasing so to be better in the eyes of god, and showed me this page she said she'd got from her dad saying if you have thoughts like this your womanhood must be cleansed by the tongue of a virgin maiden... my friend said she didn't mind doing it for me as she didn't want me to go to hell and stuff so I agreed and now anytime I'm messaging my boyfriend and we talk 'dirty' I go over to hers for my cleansing...
Although I'm really hoping to kiss my boyfriend soon, even though my friend said I can't... he's just really sweet and I think I love him, and would happily deal with the cleansing just to kiss him 🥰🥰🥰
What do you guys think, how long should you wait to kiss your boyfriend?
How long to wait till you kiss your boyfriend? Is it worth the cleansing?
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