Boyfriend hasn't planned anything for my birthday?

My boyfriend is away at military training. Its my birthday in two weeks and he hasn't planned anything or asked anything. Last month I was mentioned we should go to a spa night and hotel stay (not far from where we live), I showed him all the hotels and then he picked the one he liked and I booked it. He comes home on weekends, and when he came on, he complained and said 'I could have booked something but you already have gone and done it'. We went clothes shopping too and he was like 'don't buy yourself everything that you need so I can get you something for your birthday'.

He has not asked or mentioned anything about my birthday and I find it hard when he's away, and he's currently on a one week outdoor thing where he can't really talk (only text which is fine) but I thought before he went to it, he'd want to call as the next time I see him, it would be two weeks since I last saw him but he didn't want to call. Since lockdown was announced, I mentioned I don't know what to do for it now (hoping he'd maybe suggest something) but he didn't, he just said how he's going to make it special but he hasn't suggested anything. Then I asked if he will definitely be home that weekend and he said he doesn't know. I feel really upset about it. I am trying to be supportive etc but he rarely calls me and I don't hear from him until bed time and when I asked if he's free, he will have a go at me and say 'I force him to talk to me or forcing him to rush', when I am not.

Anyway, I mentioned I am getting my ring size measured as I am treating myself to a small ring for my bday since the hotel is cancelled and he said 'let me get it' (its not expensive at all, just a small little thing) but again hasn't mentioned or asked anything. Do I have a right to be upset? I send him cupcakes, love letters and even care packages/treats for going away and in return he makes out as if a call on the phone is a chore to him
Boyfriend hasn't planned anything for my birthday?
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