How can I get a date tomorrow?

Hey all, just need a few people to shoot out some advice for me. I've been single for awhile but I would like to go out on a date because I think it would be fun. By tomorrow I mean just set something up for the weekend, not an actual date tomorrow. My thing is girls that I usually ask out are ones that I have met previously in some capacity whether it be in a class or they were one of my friend's friends, etc. I was never comfortable asking out a women I don't know. Anyways right now I'm not really interested in any girls that I know. So that really just leaves meeting new women. Any advice on where I could go? Approach advice? First date suggestions for dating someone you don't know? Or if you think its better to suggest I continue to date people I meet through others, feel free to do so and adjust your advice accordingly. Thanks!


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  • The thing is, you can't really control other people. You might meet 10 girls today who aren't necessarily interested in going out with you (for whatever reason) tomorrow. But to increase your odds, check out a group in your town/local events and concerts, etc. Be social and interested in the girls you find there, and you just might find someone.

    • lol I know. I didn't mean for the question to be taken quite literally. It was more for discussion purposes. Thanks for the advice

    • lol, sure thing.

  • "How to pick up girls you don't know". There have been many books written on the subject, most (or all) by guys whose real interest is in getting you to part with a few $ for a book. Unless you are very good looking, very confident, or a very good talker, you would probably be better off with girls you meet through other means.

    • fair enough, appreciate the answer though

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