We have been dating, had a fight, didn't talk for a week, and then she told me all of this. What do I do? Am I right to be a bit angry?

Been dating about 5-6 months. Exclusive, but not official. Recently had a fight, where she left, and we took a week off from seeing each other, but made up.

I went over there the other day, and we talked. I apologized, we both talked about the argument and where we both went wrong, and she wants to conitinue seeing me. Then she said she had to tell me about something else... I said ok...

She said a day or 2 ago, she went over to a friend of hers house to buy weed from him. Apparently who she gets weed from, says they've been friends a long time. Apparently she had some drinks over there, and smoked a blunt with him, and says she passed out in his hallway... ok weird... Then she says she woke up to him rubbing his dick on her ass, and near her vagina. She said she freaked out and said what are you doing and he apparently was very apologetic and said she was giving him "signs" while she was passed out? , and decided to take her pants off and rub his dick on her, who knows what else. She says that she asks him if he's been tested, he said not for a while. And after telling me this, says she didn't call the cops, and still considers him a friend. That I assume she will still buy weed from.

I tried to investigate a bit, but it sounded sensitive so didn't want to seem too accusatory. She says she wasn't flirting, and has never hooked up with him. My thing is, if she wasn't flirting, I would consider this rape, and not someone worthy of defending, and should probably have charges. And if she was, then that is a whole other issue, as I did not date around the week we were apart, even though I could have. Also, it concerns me, that she put herself in that situation to begin with. Makes me feel like I can't trust her drunk and alone with someone else. Am I being an asshole here. What do you guys think? I feel sorry for her, but also angry at her. And I'm not sure if I am correct in being a bit angry here.
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I tried to ask a few questions to determine if she was lying about some things, and she told me. Look if I wanted to fuck him I would have, and I'm trying to be honest with you and tell you what happened. It makes me believe her, but also I'm still mad at her wanting to keep this guy around, and saying he's a good guy. And potentially continuing to see this guy, even just to buy weed. Pisses me off.
We have been dating, had a fight, didn't talk for a week, and then she told me all of this. What do I do? Am I right to be a bit angry?
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