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Should I have hope left?

For context I used to date this guy back in freshman year of high school I’m in freshman year of college now. He tried to get with me earlier this year but I declined because I knew he had a girlfriend. So I texted this guy I had been crushing on for soo long like two weeks ago. I got a friend to text him for me off my phone and she said “are you single”. He asked why I asked. My friend says “cause I wanna fw you”. After that he just kept asking what I meant by fwm. I honestly thought it was self explanatory and I honestly don’t know what fwm means. He kept asking what I meant by it and that there were different types. But I just pretended to be sleep. Then I texted back the next morning and my fiend told me e to say let’s vibe. He didn’t respond after that. I am friends with him on other social media’s thou. We were texting in snap when all this went down. So anyway. I was sad at first because I wanted Thai bad. But I’m over it now. I still have hope. And he seemed kinda interested at first right? So this question comes about because I see on Facebook that he shared a meme that said “ me tryna figure out if she like me or she just bored”. I don't know it seemed like it was geared towards me right? My question is does it seem like there is still hope for us? What do you guys think?
Should I have hope left?
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