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Was I ghosted or needs space?

I been dating this guy since September of last. Everything was good. We express our feelings for each other all the time and was was communicating with each other from sun up to sundown. We always had busy schedule due to work schedules, stay on different sides of town and he a hands on father.
But things started to change. I haven’t heard from him since 9/5. Now, I don’t know if this has plays a part of it or not but I told him if I don’t see him in the next week or so that is going to be a problem. I also stated to him that in order for his relationship to go we need to spend more time together and he agreed to that. He also stated towards the end of August that he was feeling off tune with me. But I figure it’s because of lack of spending time with each other. I sent him text messages stating he been distance towards me and it’s cool not. He response was, he appreciates me for checking on him but he been busy I have a lot on my plate it has nothing to do with me. He been ignoring my texts and not calling me back.
It’s now November, still no call...
Was I ghosted or needs space?
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