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Boyfriend claims I'm his girlfriend now - no real talk of it?

So I’ve been seeing this guy for around 6/7 months. All things have been going well, we get along really well, I know his friends etc. All signs of a serious relationship. For a few months, I was unsure of what we were as he never asked me to be his girlfriend. We had the talk a few times. He had a few concerns regarding some things or lack of in common. He said he wanted to only make a decision after his exams (they have just finished). We haven’t talked about until briefly tonight. Okay, I was under that impression; we aren’t official yet. Tonight I mentioned that I wasn’t sure about us continuing to have sex without a ‘label’ as it seems casual. He said we don’t have to have sex (he’s quite traditional) and then he said ‘what? You are my girlfriend’ ‘I thought we’ve known that since we’ve been dating’. Now I’m confused. I said ‘well if you introduced me to a friend of yours, do you say I’m your girlfriend?’ And he said yes. While months ago when I met his friends, he didn’t say that but I’m confused. Advice?

TL;DR I thought this guy and I wasn’t official. We have been dating for over 6 months. Then claimed I am his girlfriend
Boyfriend claims I'm his girlfriend now - no real talk of it?
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